Terry Flynn Talent Specialist

Hi, I am Terry Flynn, the owner of Faherty and Flynn – Chicago’s only Executive Search Firm – Specializing in Talent Brokerage.

As candidate focused recruiters, we match top performing candidates with career opportunities that are in line with their aspirations. And whether that occurs next week, next year, or ten years from now, that’s all good because we are here to serve our candidate members throughout the span of their entire career.

Our business model serves registered job seekers four ways.

  1. Candidate representation is offered to qualifying top performers across several professions. These are passive job seekers considered by their peers to be top 10% performers. For these members we will quietly reach out to the marketplace to match them with their dream job.
  2. Members are the first to be made aware of relevant job openings at our employer partners.
  3. Access to coaching services as requested at a 50% savings with a refund of all coaching fees if we refer you to an employer that pays us a placement fee.
  4. Our generous rewards program offers members from $200 to $500 for talent referral resulting in a paid placement.

So that’s how we do things.

At the bottom of this page is a simple opt in that will enable you to become a registered candidate member and receive job listings specific to your niche. In addition, you will from time to time receive invitations to member only coaching workshops, webinars, and professional events. You will also receive one  free 30 minute coaching session.

While you are visiting today, I encourage you to take a look at our “View All Jobs” page… you may also want to submit your resume and create a job alert via the “Submit Resume” tab.

Thanks for checking us out, and if you would like to work with us, we look forward to working with you.

Contact Terry Flynn 224.585.3137

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