5 ways to articulate what you want and why

Why the change, why now: Understand clearly what motivates you to make a change to a new opportunity; what strategies are at the heart of your next step? Have a shopping/wish list: Have a clear picture of where you want to work and why you prefer that kind of company; revisit your Core Values Skills/Experience. This one Read More

5 things that may be holding you back and how to overcome them

My current position is not what I truly want but it is what I know If you have been settled into a position for a long time yet are starting to feel like a move is a good thing, then take a look at our previous blogpost Core Values to see how to fine tune Read More

5 core values to look at for your next step

Let’s narrow down your choices for where you choose to work to match your core values.   What size company do you want to work for? This one is easy.  Do you prefer a company that is large: more than 1000 employees; medium: between 100 and 999 or small: 99 and fewer? What kind of Read More

5 strategies: working with an executive search rep

5 strategies for working with a candidate representative Know what you want for your next step: Think about the reason for making your next life/career change. Do you want more time working from home? Do you want to move to a new city? Do you want to advance to a higher status position with more perks Read More

5 advantages of working with a Candidate Representative

5 advantages of working with a Candidate Representative for your executive career change What is it that makes you continue to “pound the pavement” on your executive job search?  Are you struggling to find the right employers and the right jobs for your next high-level move?  Have you exhausted your list of run-of-the-mill search firms?  Why Read More