Our Search Process

Our Executive Search Process

This is how we do it.  Here’s an overview of our 4 stage 25 step process.
Consultation Stage
We start off with a face to face consultation and a tour of your operations. 
  •  At this meeting we are going to ask you to look into the future.  We want you to dig deep into what your successful hire will look like one year from now.
  • This is where our collaboration will take us:
  1. Review or create your employer brand 
  2.  Build out your timeline for interview times, offers, and target hire dates
  3. Create target company list
  4. Review job existing description, benefits package, and salary
  5. Analyze your job description against your vision of what a successful hire will have accomplished
  6. Decide which ala carte services will be performed by Faherty and Flynn                                  
    • Informal background checks vs full outsourced legal background checks
  7. Review formal letter of expectations and both parties sign
Candidate Attraction Stage
  1. Database search
  2. Contact target companies
  3. Third party research
  4. Engage digital marketing campaign
  5. Post job to internal and external websites
  6. Old school mail campaign
Candidate Verification Stage
  1. Screening interview to determine basic interest and fit
  2. Level 2 in-depth interview
  3. Request 3 references preferably all former supervisors
  4. Perform 3 reference checks
  5. Pre-close to candidate salary and benefits
  6. Present candidate profile
  7. Arrange on-site or phone interview at client
  8. Search progress reports on weekly basis
Getting Your Candidate Hired Stage
  1. Review pending offer with client to pre-qualified terms of acceptance
  2. Determine who will present the offer: Client or Faherty and Flynn
  3. Pre-close the offer with the candidate and prep towards counter offers
  4. Build a follow up plan for candidate and client communications as authorized by the client